Our approach


For a medical pedicure or manicure treatment at PasoCaribe you will (usually) need a referral letter.


After your family doctor/ treating physician decides that you need (further) help, you will receive a referral letter.
Partly depending on your problems, the first consultation can take place as an outpatient.


Do not forget to bring your proof of identity and health insurance card. The first consultation will take approximately 90 minutes.
You can complete the registration form prior to your visit.


During the consultation we will prepare a treatment plan. We use the questionnaire you filled in to aid us with this.


If it appears that more or fewer treatments are needed, then we can adjust for this. To us, it is important that your goals are achieved.


We always provide aftercare in consultation with you.

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Skin, hands and feet. We look forward to seeing you at Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar 20, Kralendijk.

Our approach

• Referral
• First consultation
• Treatment plan
• Treatment
• Aftercare
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If you are already a client of PasoCaribe, please contact Joëla Garia.
If you are not a client of PasoCaribe, contact your family doctor or treating physician.

Outside of opening hours please contact your family doctor or treating physician.